"Make a film" I said and as the words were coming out of my mouth
I was thinking ummmmmm what me ... make a film ??
And that was were all this started.
I must admit I have always had the inclination to have a go and that was some 8 months ago and yes I am making a film. 
Bit of a site up date now with a Gallery of stills taken from the Film. The idea behind all of this creative caper originally came from watching a "You Tube" video of a collaboration between The band Cold Play and the DJ/Composer Jon Hopkins, if you ever have a spare 15 or so minutes find it and you will get a very good idea of just what I am trying achieve. 
The Cold Play/Hopkins video is a compilation of Time lapse and other forms of video put together with music showing amazing images. Once I had seen this I decided that 2018 I would spend the year learning the camera techniques and software required to get some where close to what I had watched. It has been an amazing journey so far and huge learing curve to get anywhere near the same quality. The music side of the project should be the easy element as that is my field as such. 
As we reach the end of August 2018 I think I have now shot enough images with a total around 60000 pictures this year (For example a 10 second video requires 500 pictures taken in sequence over something like a 40 minute time period).
Like I say it has been the most amazing experience so far and taken me lots of different place and really got my creative head whirling. As far as the backing track well to date that is something like 65% complete. I am looking at a completion around January 2019 where I will have a one off full screening.
Already thinking about 2019 :) 

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